Brexit: How will it impact on EC Funding for Development NGOs?

It has been estimated that the European Commission currently provides around £200 million in funding to UK INGOs through a range of funding mechanisms. The UK’s departure from the EU will have significant repercussions on this important source of income. This may be felt unevenly by the sector, potentially reducing UK international NGOs’ ability to respond to certain development or humanitarian needs going forward.

Bond have commissioned research to examine the potential impact that different Brexit scenarios may have on the ability of UK INGOs to leverage EU funding streams in future.

Myself and Costanza de Toma are leading this research. As part of the process we are undertaking a survey of UK international development NGOs to determine how access to EU funding may be affected by Brexit, and identify the major issues and risks. We are also keen to ensure that humanitarian aid is included.

We would like to invite as many organisations as possible to participate in the survey by Wednesday 25th January, and to contribute to this important piece of research. The findings will be shared widely within Bond and will inform Bond’s work in this area going forwards.

The full link to the survey is: